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About RepairBar

apple computer repair shop
    Technology is everywere. It's hard to imagine any aspect of our lives that doesn't involve it. Technology enhances our lives, bringing us closer to information, entertainment and each other. Though modern technology is extremly reliable, occasionaly there are issues.
These amazing devices that keep us powering through our day break on occasion.
       That's what RepairBar takes care of.
We are a Los Angeles based Apple Products and PC Repair Sales shop situated in Westwood.
We specialize in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch repair as well as iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Macbooks repairs.We can fix any electronic device most of the time same day.We do provide also data recovery services with more than 90% succes rate.
      Our Certified Technicians aim to quickly and efficiently provide expert Repair service while ensuring a stress-free experience for our customers.
      At RepairBar its all about customer Service. Our Staff is there for all your Apple and PC Needs, so give us a call today to get your iPhone, iPad, Mac or other devices repaired!
      We use the highest quality replacement parts for our repairs, covered by a Industry leading One-Year RepairBar warranty and the best Quality Price Guarantee !!!
      Alternatively, RepairBar offers a Mail in Repair Service, you are welcome to send your devices to us and we will send them back good as new! 
Thank you for visting our website!
    The RepairBar Team
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